Nationalkomitee Freies Deutschland, Aufruf! An die deutschen Generale und Offiziere! An das Volk und Wehrmacht!, Russian leaflet in German language, thrown off on German troops from September 21th 1943 at the Eastern front

both sheets printed on both sides, small stamp on each backside "KK" (collection Klaus Kirchner), comes with the official Russian translation, very rare!

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At that time, printed translations of leaflets into Russian served to inform Soviet propagandists. They contain, usually at the bottom of the second page, essential information about the printed edition, the start of use and the code symbol, which almost always corresponded to the widespread German version.

The National Committee for Free Germany (NKFD) was an association of German prisoners of war soldiers and officers with communist German emigrants who wanted to fight National Socialism and conceive of a different Germany. The association was formed in the Soviet Union in 1943 and existed until the end of 1945. From July 12th to 13th, 1943, the National Committee “Free Germany” was founded in Krasnogorsk near Moscow on the initiative of the USSR and its highest military leadership under the supervision of the GRU secret service . Erich Weinert was elected President of the NKFD. The KPD's emigration leadership was represented by Anton Ackermann, Wilhelm Florin, Wilhelm Pieck and Walter Ulbricht. One of the main activities of the NKFD was to produce leaflets and pamphlets calling on Wehrmacht soldiers on the Eastern Front to resist, or at least defect. However, the propaganda material dropped had no significant, demonstrable effect in the German ranks.

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