Bund deutscher Offiziere / Nationalkomitee Freies Deutschland, Deutsche Generale, Offiziere und Soldaten!, Russian leaflet in German language, thrown off on German troops from September 24th 1943 at the Eastern front

both sheets printed on both sides, small stamp on each backside "KK" (collection Klaus Kirchner), comes with the official Russian translation, very rare!

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At that time, printed translations of leaflets into Russian served to inform Soviet propagandists. They contain, usually at the bottom of the second page, essential information about the printed edition, the start of use and the code symbol, which almost always corresponded to the widespread German version.

The Association of German Officers (BDO) was founded on 11/12. Founded in September 1943 by 95 German officers in the Lunyowo prison camp near Moscow. Shortly after its founding, the federal government merged with the National Committee for Free Germany.

The initiators of the federal government hoped to be able to make a contribution to preserving the German Empire after the expected defeat through cooperation with the Soviet Union. Under the leadership of General of Artillery Walther von Seydlitz-Kurzbach, Lieutenant General Alexander Edler von Daniels and later also supported by Field Marshal Paulus, the BDO called on the German soldiers to defect and fight against the Hitler dictatorship in leaflets and radio broadcasts. The conviction that Hitler was abusing the Wehrmacht in an unscrupulous manner became particularly widespread among the German soldiers who had been taken prisoner of war after the Battle of Stalingrad.

Neither these appeals nor the efforts to influence Soviet policy towards Germany had any notable success. After the Tehran Conference and the Soviet Union's acceptance of Anglo-American demands for unconditional surrender, the BDO's room for maneuver shrank. With its goals of ending the war and creating a democratic Germany, the BDO remained a political-ideological entity dependent on the Soviet Union until it was dissolved by Stalin on November 2, 1945, which increasingly lost its importance and credibility. (Wikipedia)

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