Soldiers at the front!, American leaflet for Russian, Georgian and Ukrainian soldiers fighting in the German army, ca. 1944

printed on both sides, without code, extremely rare!

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Front: front-line soldiers! Russian, Ukrainian and Georgian fighters of the eastern battalions! What use is it to you if you keep fighting us with arms? Why would you spill your blood in vain? We know you were forced to fight us. You have no other choice, otherwise you are threatened with certain death! But now the German forces have been defeated, the Germans are fleeing on all fronts. Now it won't be difficult for you to shake off your oppressors and run over to us! Many of your comrades are safe with us. We treat them humanely. We feed them like our own soldiers and bring them to safety immediately. You are no longer threatened by aircraft, tanks and artillery fire.
Take the next opportunity, run over to us!
Back: Instructions These instructions are for your safety. So that American soldiers can see that you are unarmed, raise your hands, palms facing forward. Walk briskly towards the American lines, keep your posture upright. Don't stay on the street. If your detachment is ordered to retreat and you decide to abandon them, hide and await the arrival of American units. Don't move. To get the American soldiers' attention, shout out "HERE", which means "HIER". Follow the instructions carefully and you will be safe. Our soldiers will know that you are our friends and will not shoot!

condition: very minor spots from burning at the right side which does not affect the text at all. Even the paper sheet is intact.

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