German leaflet for the Eastern Front in Russia showing jews making business while Russian soldiers are dying, 1944

13,8 x 9 cm, text on both sides

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rough translation of the text:

They (the Russian Soldiers) are dying while the Jews make business!!!!
in Moscow
in London
in NYC
Jews everywhere sit and enjoy the fact that the war has been going on for 3 years. At that time, as you donate millions of their lives on the battlefields, in the pockets of a Jewish warmongers, too, millions flock to US dollars, pounds and rubles.
the war is this cowardly rabble can not see - because there will not earn, but only to lose and, above all, life. For the same you exist!
soldiers and officers, when you finally realize that this war is the only war the Jews, which is owned and Stalin!
you are the same workers and peasants, the same experts, as well as German soldiers. Jews also - parasites, they desire nothing more ardently as to continue the war for another 10 years.
Do you want another 10 years to bleed for the Jews?

condition: some spots, browning, parts of the paper at the borders cut out but image still intact.

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