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from a Godzilla film: Namagon

1992, produced by "Dillikon", 21 cm high, 26 cm long, rare!

€ 95.- ($ 114)

DCP0891.jpg Print: Witchblade

Top Cow, 1996, No. 278 of 400 ex., signed by Michael Turner, D-Thron and Jonathan D. Smith, 81 x 66 cm, nice condition (black spots are only shadows from photo tripod), will cost some postage because of size and being produced on heavy board!

€ 195.- ($ 234)


Aku Ankka: 1951 - 2001


official stamps from Finland celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Finnish Donald Duck magazine using images of Carl Barks and Don Rosa, 13 x 8 cm


€ 7.- ($ 6)



Eric Stanton - Calendar 2000


One picture per week...


Taschen Verlag, Germany, still sealed!


€ 5.- ($ 6)


Special Delivery - Pogo


1951; This broschure was sent out by the Post-Hall Syndicate only to newspapers to introduce the strip. On 20 pages it contains two articles, About Pogo and his Pals and The Land of the Elephant Squash - A Biography of Walt Kelly, and a sequence of Pogo Dailies from 1950 never reprinted anywhere else, very rare! little writing and some dampstains on cover


no longer available!


The Pogo Special Birthday Special


26 fully animated minutes from 1969, this is the first release on video, MGM, 1986, produced by Chuck Jones and Walt Kelly


DM 100.- ($ 63)


Pogo for President


82 minuntes of puppet animation, distributed by Walt Disney Home Video, 1979, produced by Stowmar Enterprises and Possum Productions, rare!


DM 120.- ($ 74)


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