Stan Lee: Secrets Behind the Comics

1947, Famous Enterprises Inc., New York, 100 pages, first edition, very little dirt on cover (see scan) but in almost perfect condition, rare!

€ 250.- ($ 287)




Christopher Zavisa: Berni Wrightson: A Look Back

1979, first edition, hardcover with dustjacket, nice condition, 360 pages, rare!

€ 180.- ($ 207)

Unbenannt1.jpg Selby Daley Kelly & Steve Thompson: Pogo Files for Pogophiles

Spring Hollow Books, 1992, hardcover with dustjacket, 256 pages with qualified text and many pictures about one of the best comic strips ever...! condition is like absolut like new

€ 29,- ($ 32)

Unbenannt2.jpg Beagle (Nik Lauer), Leo Talfin & Christopher Lauer: The Pogopedia

"A Codex of the Walt Kelly Pogo Works ...being a concordance, catalogue of episodes, and quotation dictionary, quirkily assembled, inconsistently researched, and haphazardly organized."

Spring Hollow Books, 2001, paperback, 224 pages, signed Nik Lauer and Leo Taflin, condition is absolut like new

€ 22,- ($ 24)

Unbenannt3.jpg Lasse Åberg: Åbergs Musseum

T. Fischer & Co., 1996, 154 pages with beautiful pictures of rare Disneyana, Swedish text, dustjacket has some little problems but the book (HC) itself is like new

€ 90,- ($ 99)

OhneTitel1Kopie.jpg l'autore e il fumetto / 11: Giorgio Cavazzano

1994, Editori del Grifo, Montepulciano (Si), 128 pages (incl. many pictures) about this very productive Italian comic artist who became well known for his work for Disney, in Italian language!

€ 10,- ($ 11)

OhneTitel1.jpg 'autore e il fumetto / 3: Dino Battaglia

1981, Editori del Grifo, Montepulciano (Si), 136 pages (incl. many pictures) about one of the best Italian comic artists ever, in Italian language!

€ 10,- ($ 11)



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