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François Walthéry: Natasja Carnaval

No. 80 of 250, published by KHANI Editions, 1995, 9 plates, one is signed, with sleeve, 22,5 x 30 cm, near mint condition

€ 48,- ($ 53)

wallywoodweirdsex1.jpg   wallywoodweirdsex2.jpg

Wallace Wood: Wally Wood's Weird Sex-Fantasy

No. 356 of 2.000, published by Collectors' Press, 1977, 11 b&w plates + introduction plate, one is signed, with sleeve, 31 x 41 cm, near mint condition

€ 250,- ($ 275)


transport1.jpg   transport4.jpg

transport2.jpg   transport3.jpg


Joost Swarte: Transport (Portfolio)


1993, vier Drucke, Nr. 188 von 350, signiert; Ein Druck hat eine minimal angestoßene Ecke, ansonsten perfekt erhalten.


€ 270,- ($ 297)

monsterscolorthecreature1.jpg   monsterscolorthecreature2.jpg Berni Wrightson: The Monsters Color-the-Creature Book

published by Phil Seuling, 1974, b&w, 32 pages, 28 x 43 cm, fine to very fine condition

€ 50,- ($ 55)

chrisscheuer1.jpg   chrisscheuer2.jpg   chrisscheuer3.jpg  
nealadamssetC1.jpg   nealadamssetC2.jpg Neal Adams: The Neal Adams Portfolio - Set C

published by Sal Q. Productions, 1984, 4 colored plates, with envelope, 29 x 37 cm, near mint condition

€ 40,- ($ 44)

starspawn1.jpg   starspawn2.jpg  
027a.jpg Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri: "Druuna mit Schlange"

No. 12 of 45 (!), published by Atomax, 2002, signed, 100 x 50 cm (!), near mint condition

€ 130,- ($ 143)

025a.jpg PGH glühende Zukunft (Wagenbreth, Feuchtenberger, Fickelscherer, Beck): "Zeichnungen Grafik Drucksachen"

No. 43 of 50 (!), Germany, 1991, signed by all four artists, 28 x 89,5 cm, VF+ condition

€ 130,- ($ 143)

017c.jpg   018c.jpg   019c.jpg  
landofshadows1.jpg   landofshadows2.jpg  
lesgeantsdemu1.jpg W. Vance: Les Géants de Mur

No. 328 of 800, éditions phigi, Bruxelles, 1977, 30 x 40 cm, book, b&w, two

 corners are bumped

€ 40,- ($ 44)

Limited_Edition_Comics_Art_Abrams_01_31.jpg  Limited_Edition_Comics_Art_Abrams_02_32.jpg

Limited_Edition_Comics_Art_Abrams_07_37.jpg  Limited_Edition_Comics_Art_Abrams_09_39.jpg  Limited_Edition_Comics_Art_Abrams_05_35.jpg

Limited_Edition_Comics_Art_Abrams_12_42.jpg  Limited_Edition_Comics_Art_Abrams_16_46.jpg

Limited_Edition_Comics_Art_Abrams_04_34.jpg  Limited_Edition_Comics_Art_Abrams_21_51.jpg

Limited Edition Comics Art (Various Artists)

Signed limited portfolio #59/100, Abrams Original Editions, 1978, This breathtaking (and huge) portfolio contains 20 original prints specifically created for this set, each signed by the artist (or his widow) and numbered. Only 100 copies were made. These are all numbered 59/100. The prints are lithographs and serigraphs on high quality rag edged paper, each approximately 22" x 29" (56 x 74 cm). The images have to be seen to be believed! Amazing colors and wonderful images that beg to be framed and shown. (Shown here are only 8 of 20.)

The set includes: Prince Valiant (Hal Foster); Li'l Abner (Al Capp, includes a Shmoo); Snuffy Smith (Fred Lasswell, printed on matte gold-tone crinkled paper for an artistic effect); Thimble Theater (Bud Sagendorf, featuring Popeye and almost all major characters); Dick Tracy (Chester Gould); Steve Canyon (Milton Caniff); B. C.(Johnny Hart); Beetle Bailey (Mort Walker); Nancy (Ernie Bushmiller); Mandrake the Magician (Lee Falk and Fred Fredericks); Alley Oop (V. T. Hamlin); Mutt and Jeff (Al Smith); Moon Mullins (Ferd Johnson and Tom Johnson); Pogo (Walt Kelly, signed by Mrs. Walt Kelly); Mary Worth (Ken Ernst and Allen Saunders); Buzz Sawyer (Roy Crane, signed by Mrs. Roy Crane); Gasoline Alley (Dick Moores); Kerry Drake (Alfred Andriola); Eek and Meek (Howie Schneider); and Miss Peach (Mell Lazarus).

The portfolio is housed in a clamshell box covered in red cloth with a printed paper label. Complete sets are now quite rare, as many were broken up and the prints sold individually. In fine condition. The portfolio weighs 11.5 lbs. Postage and packing may be extra for this item.

€ 5.900,- ($ 6,490)








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